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Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

ENT-HNS Department

Faculty members of ENT-HNS Department





Prof.Dr. Bibhu Pradhan



Prof.Dr. Nar |Maya Thapa

Professor and  HOD


Dr. Pabina Rayamajhi

Assoc. Professor


Dr. Rabindra B. Pradhananga

Assoc. Professor


Dr. UrmilaGurung

Assoc. Professor


Dr. KunjanAcharya

Assoc. Professor


Dr. Heempali Dutta

Assoc. Professor


Dr. YogeshNeupane

Assoc. Professor


Dr. PrashantTripathi



Dr. KripaDongol



Dr.Bigyan Raj Gyawali



Dr. Sajish Khadgi



Dr. Ushant Acharya



Mr. SureshwarLalKarna

Chief Audiologist & Sp. Audiologist


Mr. Kabi Raj Khanal

Senior Audiologist & Sp. Audiologist


Ms. SushmitaShrestha

Associate. Professor


Ms. PrabhaDawadee



Mr. Anil Kumar Adhikari



Mr. Arup Ghimire



Mr. Subhash Chandra Jha

Audiologist & Sp. Audiologist


   Publications in  2079

  1. Baidya S, Thapa N, Gurung U. Comparative Anthropometric Assessment of Facial Asymmetry between Patients with and without External Nasal Deformity. Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. 2022;8(1):1-7
  2. Tripathi P, Gurung U, Baidya S, Thapa N. Changes in Clinical Practice amongst Nepalese Otolaryngologists during COVID-19 Pandemic. Kathmandu Univ Med J. 2022;79(3):284-9.
  3. Dongol K, Shadiyah H, Gyawali BR, Rayamajhi P, Pradhananga RB. External Auditory Canal Cholesteatoma: Clinical and Radiological Features. International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology. 2022 Apr;26(02):e213-8.
  4. Dongol K, Rayamajhi P, Pradhananga RB, Dulal M, Sedhai M, Gurung B. Mucormycosis of the Middle Ear and Neck Post COVID 19. Journal of Nepal Health Research Council. 2023 Mar 10;20(3):812-5.
  5. The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology: Validating at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2022;26(1):e97–e102.
  6. Prevalence of Post Tonsillectomy Haemorrhage at a Tertiary Care Centre in Nepal. J Nepal Med Assoc 2021;59(234):165-9. 

Research Grants received

1) Factors affecting correct technique and compliance of intranasal corticosteroid spray usage in patients with allergic rhinitis.  NHRC Provincial Grant 2079/80 

2) Picture Articulation Test in Nepali funded by Nepal health research council 2079/80 

Research work awaiting publication 

  1. Comparison of intraoperative bleeding during bilateral endoscopic sinus surgery with or without pterygopalatine fossa block.
  1. Comparative Study of Quality of Life in Patients With Nasal Polyposis Before and After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Using Sino Nasal Outcome Test and Lund and Kennedy score.
  1. Keystone area in Nepalese Nose: an anatomical, observational study.

     4. Comparison of efficacy of Ringer’s lactate versus isotonic saline for nasal                            irrigation in chronic rhinosinusitis using SNOT-22

  1. Endoscopic sphenopalatine artery cauterization under local anesthesia for posterior epistaxis: A prospective, observational study of its tolerability and efficacy in 30 cases.
  2. RCOM surge amidst COVID-19: an experience at Tribhuvan Unviersity Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. 

Ongoing research 

  1. Anatomical variations in sphenoid sinus and its neighboring neurovascular structures on Computed Tomography – a retrospective study.
  2. Comparative anthropometric analysis of external nasal soft tissue in Aryan and Mongolian adults of Nepalese Population.
  3. Assessment of quality of life in patients undergoing septorhinoplasty comparing functional and aesthetic results.

     4. Incidence of vascular tumours of Nose and Paranasal sinuses among                                   different age group presented in TUTH ENT department who underwent surgery.

  1. Prevalence of Sinonasal polyposis among the population of urban Vs rural area in nepal.
  2.  Role of stapedial reflex in the outcome of Bells palsy .
  3. Correlation of DOI in tongue cancer between MRI and HPE.
  4. Management of pediatrics conductive hearing loss:A survey on common practice amongst ENT surgeons of Nepal.

      9. Asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism with multiglandular giant parathyroid             adenoma- A case report.  

     10. Aerobic Bacterial Correlation Between Adenoid Core Tissue And Middle Meatal               Discharge In Children With Co-existent Chronic Rhinosinusitis.

  1. A radiological study on anatomical variations of frontal sinus and its drainage pathway in Nepalese adult population.
  2. Prevalence of ENT-Head and Neck related trauma in a tertiary care center of Nepal: A retrospective study.


  1. 1st Hands on worskshop on Skin Prick test with Dept. of Pulmonology and Dept. of Dermatology on 29th July, 2022.

    2. 1st Hands-on Cadaveric Dissection and Live Surgical Workshop on Facial Plastic               Surgery 2nd4th January 2023.

  1. 11th Head and Neck Hands-on Cadaveric Dissection and Live Surgery Workshop 23rd to 25th Jan. 2023.
  2. 28th Hands-on Temporal Bone Dissection Course 16th and 17th March, 2023.
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