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Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

Department of Emergency Medicine


Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) is a medical treatment facility specializing in Emergency Medicine, the acute care of patients who present without prior appointment, either by their own means or by that of an ambulance. The Department is open 24 hours 365 days for the emergency service of the patients with Humanity of the people of Nepal and for everyone comes to us from different parts of the World.  

Department of Emergency Medicine in newly established Department in Maharajgunj Medical Campus, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University in January 2022. This Department aim with quality emergency care service, standard emergency medicine academia and emergency medicine research with qualified emergency medicine faculties in this University. The DEM is in the process of development of International Standard emergency medicine service as defined by World Health Organization (WHO). 

Introduction of Emergency Medicine in Nepal  

Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South East Asia between its two neighbours India and China. The Constitution of Nepal under the Article 35 Clause 1 mentions that ‘Every citizen shall have the right to free basic health services from the state, and no one shall be deprived of emergency health services.’ The Public Health Service Act 2018 formulated to ensure the constitutional rights related to health, has defined “Emergency health services” as the initial and immediate services to be provided since it is necessary to free lives of people from risk, save lives or organs from being lost, whose lives are at risk upon falling into unexpected incident or emergency condition. 

Emergency medicine is a new specialty in Nepal and is still in a preliminary phase. The Doctorate  of Medicine (DM) Program in Emergency Medicine was started in 2011 by the Maharajgunj Medical  Campus, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal and  was recognized by the Nepal Medical Council as a specialty. It is a PhD equivalent degree with a duration of three years of rigorous training in the field of Emergency Medicine held both in and  in and outside the country. A candidate is eligible to pursue this degree following a competitive entrance e  outside the country. A candidate is eligible to pursue this degree following a examination after completing five and a half years of undergraduate medical school and three years of postgraduate residency. Since the commencement of this program, eight emergency physicians  have achieved this degree. 


Nepalese Society of Emergency Physicians (NSEP) was started in 2017 by a number of qualified  emergency medicine physicians under the leadership of Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maharjan with the aim  and objectives of developing Emergency Medicine in Nepal as an important specialty. NSEP takes  great pride in stating that it is a full member of International Federation for Emergency Medicine  (IFEM) with voting rights. 

Faculty of Department of Emergency Medicine

  1. Dr Ramesh Kumar Maharjan, MBBS, MD GP, DM Emergency Medicine, Associate Professor, Head of Department (Chief)
  2. Dr Ram Prasad Neupane, MBBS, MD GP, DM Emergency Medicine, Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
  3. Dr Manjita Bajracharya, MBBS, MD GP&EM, Lecturer
  4. Dr Olita Shilpakar, MBBS, MD GP, DM Emergency Medicine, Lecturer
  5. Dr Jukel Shrestha, MBBS, MD GP, DM Emergency Medicine, Clinical Lecturer


Department Activities  

Academia of DEM: Record of Academic Activities, Workshops, Seminar 

The DEM providing Academia for  

  1. DM Emergency Medicine (3 Years Program of DEM),  
  2. DM Critical Care Medicine (2 month rotation),  
  3. MD GP&EM Residents (6 month rotation),  
  4. MD Clinical Pharmacology (3 months rotation),  
  5. MD Anesthesiology (1 month rotation),  
  6. MD Forensic Medicine (1 month rotation),  
  7. MBBS Interns (15 Days),  
  8. MBBS Junior Interns (15 Days),  
  9. BAMS Junior Interns (1 month),  
  10. B Pharma (7 days clinical and 2 month theoretical classes in DEM) 
  11. BSc MIT (15 Days and 2 month theoretical classes in DEM)
  12. International Elective MBBS Final Year Students from UK, Germany and other European  Countries, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and others. 
  13. MN Nursing Posting for 1 month 
  14. BSc Nursing Posting for 1 month 
  15. Disaster Medicine – Short Course Training 
  16. Now we are waiting for MD Emergency Medicine Academic Program in 2022 in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Head of Department of Emergency Medicine being Coordinator of MD Emergency Medicine Curriculum Development, the MD Emergency Medicine Curriculum had been completed in due time, submitted in Board of Curriculum Committee of Institute of Medicine with workshop. Hence, the department is waiting to welcome MD Emergency Medicine Residents in 2023 year. 

    Academia of DEM:

    Morning Teaching, Bed side teaching, case discussion, daily

    Academia of the DEM Sunday: Emergency Nursing CME 

    Monday: DM Emergency Medicine Class and Presentation 

    Tuesday: Department Faculty Meeting and Monitoring and Evaluation of the Service, Academic activities Wednesday: Emergency Medicine CME, Presentation by Junior Interns, Interns, House Officers, Residents and Faculties including the Department Audit, Census, Mortality Presentation and Discussion Thursday: Hands on Training of Emergency Life Support Skills Training as Mandatory for DEM Posting Friday: Resident and Faculty meeting for Thesis, Research Guide and Monitoring and Evaluation 

    Research of DEM: Record of Researches ongoing and planning for new researches

    1. Brought Death Analysis to improve the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care             System 

    1. Covid Effects on Nurses and other Medical and Non-Medical Staffs of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital during 3rd wave of Covid Pandemic 
    2. Effective way of Emergency Patients Referral System development in Nepal 
    3. Capability of changes before and after hands on skill training of Basic Life Support for medical students and nursing students. 

    Short Course Trainings in Department of Emergency Medicine 

    1. Emergency Nursing Care Training -- 3 Months Program2. Pre-Hospital Emergency Care -- Basic Emergency Medical Technician Training -- 3 Months 3. Basic Life Support -- 1 Day4. Disaster Medicine - 2 Days5. Point of Emergency Critical Care Training -- 2 Days
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