OPD Hours: Sun to Thu: 8AM - 2:30PM, Fri 8AM - 11:30AM
त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय शिक्षण अस्पताल

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital



Internal Medicine


MD, DM (Medical Oncology)


  • MD


  1. Medical Oncology OPD and Inpatient care
  2. Day Care services and cancer screening
  3. Immunotherapy, targeted therapy and chemotherapy services
  4. Multidisciplinary Tumor Board services


OPD schedule (Suresh Wagle Memorial Cancer Center)

  1. Medical Oncology – Monday (AM) , Wednesday, Friday


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Future plan

  1. Comprehensive cancer care service
  2. Commencing and collaborating clinical trial in oncology
  3. Electronic data record and collaborative research
  4. Conduct Subspecialty-DM program in medical oncology