OPD Hours: Sun to Thu: 8AM - 2:30PM, Fri 8AM - 11:30AM
त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय शिक्षण अस्पताल

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital



Internal Medicine


MD (Internal Medicine, Fellowship in Endocrinology)




  1. Endocrine OPD and Inpatient care
  2. Academic activities-lectures/bedside teaching

    Undergraduate level- MBBS, BDS

    Postgraduate level- MD

  1. Research/ Thesis related Activities

     Undergraduate level- BMLT/B Pharma

     Post graduate level– MD

  1. Regular CME and awareness program

OPD Schedule

Endocrine OPD -Monday (AM), Tuesday (PM), Friday (AM)

Future Plan

  1. Conduct Sub-specialty course in Endocrinology-Fellowship/ DM in Endocrinology
  2. Provide separate specialized OPD services like Pituitary Clinic, Growth and puberty disorder clinic, diabesity clinic.
  3. Conduct community-oriented Awareness and research activities


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